In 2019, Sacre Coeur created a new constellation by adding new energy and musicality by means of vocals, Christoffer Stjerne, and electric guitar, Simon Troelsgaard. 


Two top professional musicians giving Sacre Coeur an extra live element where energy, performance and musicality all unite in explosive, entertaining solos and riffs along with a lead singer who impresses with catchy and sublime vocals.


Christoffer Stjerne

Simon Troelsgaard


Simon Troelsgaard is an experienced, professional guitarist. 


Simon began his career in the Danish hit band Dune in his early teens and since then he has toured most of the world in some of the biggest arenas and stages. 


After 11 years with the successful band, he left to pursue new goals in music. Since then, he has performed with some of the biggest artists in Denmark, to name few. L.O.C., Jokeren, Hefty og Jøden, DJ Static and many more. 


A one of a kind guitarist – professional, versatile and specially known for his great performance, charisma and energy in his live-performances. 


Christoffer Stjerne is a Danish singer, guitarist and songwriter from Copenhagen. 


As a songwriter, he has had several songs in the Eurovision Song Contest and has also written and co-written for some of the biggest Danish artists. 


Besides Sacre Coeur, Christoffer Stjerne is also the lead singer and guitarist in the rock band H.E.R.O. They have just ended touring in Japan and released their new album. They are currently number one on the Japanese Airplay Chart. 


Furthermore, he is appearing on the latest album of Rasmus Nøhr and D.A.D