About us

In 2014, Sacre Coeur was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark. They have performed in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Ibiza. 


In 2015, Sacre Coeur released their first single “Dans Le Ciel” under the label “Simply Records”, produced and written by Sacre Coeur. 


Their style of performance is inspired by house, chill, deep-house and disco, and through time, it has developed into a unique sound and live performance - which is noticed and often referred to as special and different on the live scene.


Sacre Coeur is DJ Anders Ponsaing, Saxophonist Simon Nielsen and Percussionist Allan Hannibal. 


They all have their roots in live music, and they have all performed professionally since 2000 with various Danish and international artists. 


Later in their individual careers, their passion and love for electronic music all came together when they formed Sacre Coeur.


An energetic and new way of experiencing a perfect fusion of live performance and recognisable tracks delivered by the DJ, with a bit of edge, vibrant beats and musicality. 


Sacre Coeur is not only energy, beats and sax hook-lines - Sacre Coeur is also an experience of musicality along with an excellent and unique fusion of DJ, saxophone and percussion - that becomes one - and an experience that resonates from the past to the present. 

From Past Track To A New Sound


Anders Ponsaing

Simon Nielsen

Allan Hannibal


—  Bente and Peter Klostergaard, Birthday

Thank you for a great party. We are very satisfied with your performance (outstanding) - we are sure that you now have 35 new fans. 

We truly hope that we will be among your guests at your future performances at parties.




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